Working the Stasis is a project by artist Dawn Felicia Knox created in partnership with English Heritage to explore the conservation and maintenance of Hadrian’s Wall and its surrounding sites and collected artifects. The ruins of Hadrian’s Wall stretch across Northern England from the mouth of the Tyne to Solway Firth. Teams of people work endlessly to preserve them, making it appear as if no further time passes. Dawn will be working with English Heritage along with Hadrian’s National Path and Northumberland National Parks Authority to investigate the tension between the monument, artefacts, and archives and the biological processes that work to degrade them.

Dawn Felicia Knox will create three interlinking exhibitions that explore archive, taxonomies and the way artists and archeologists investigate and conserve objects. She will be documenting the conservation and maintenance work through photography, video and sound recording. The documentation will be installed as a cabinet intervention in Chesters Museum. Further, she will be collecting all that is removed the process of preservation and conservation such as dust, weeds and rabbits which she will catalogue to be exhibited in her archive at Birdoswald museum. The third exhibition will be a series of photograms of the Roman artefacts and prints of her archive shown in the Vane Gallery, Newcastle.

This project is funded by Arts Council England and English Heritage.