Tending the Shadows

The exhibition, Tending the Shadows, brought my findings to the white cube environment of Vane art gallery to be examined, discussed and analysed. I displayed two sets of photograms, one intentional and the other accidental. They are representative of both the Roman artefacts and the specimens from my archive, each highlighted in their absence and made visible by their shadows.

The artefacts are represented by a series of red velvet panels originally from Chesters Roman Museum. The panels, installed in the museum in 1950, were opulent but the velvet was not lightfast. After 38 years of exposure to light, they turned to shades of yellow with the only original red pigment remaining in the shapes of the artefacts.

My archive is represented by a series of cyanotypes that I printed on white silk. The dust, gorse, rabbits and plant material are recorded in white shadow in fields of rich Prussian blue.

The exhibition is on display until July 25th at Vane gallery.